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Decrease Sibling Rivalry,Perfect Baby Shower Gift

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Dr Julia Driscoll combines her passions for both children and writing to produce her book entitled "My Story".  

now  only $15.00

 So buy it as a welcome gift for a Child or an expectant Mother.

 "My Story" is unique in that it is a personalised, interactive book.  It is a photographic memoir of the child's journey of their first year of life.  As they select photographs they are reminded of what it is like to be a little baby. Throughout this process they come to accept the new baby's arrival. They understand their place in the family. The constancy of parental love is a theme that resounds through the narrative. It is written for expectant parents and it would make an ideal baby shower gift.  It will also decrease sibling rivalry



  Printed on high quality paper to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. 


 It has been very favourably reviewed in a variety of media- from parenting magazines, newspapers and radio to online publications.

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It is also available at Apple Tree Medical at Smithfield Shopping Centre, Collins Bookstore ,Draper Street Medical Centre,
 and Toogood Road Medical Centre at Woree for only $15.00.

"My Story" is must have for when Mum's growing girth starts to mean less lap time.  It writes honestly that "new babies are a lot of work".   The child is reminded that they once were a little baby too but now can do so many "grown up" things. The egocentricity of the child is remembered. After all what child doesn't like to star in their own book?

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