Julia's Children's Books

Decrease Sibling Rivalry,Perfect Baby Shower Gift

About the Author

Julia Driscoll is a mother of three and a medical practitioner. She has a special interest in childhood health and development. Julia has a passion for writing and is very excited to have released her first book "My Story"! She hopes to publish many more each focusing on an important feature of childhood development.

Julia believes both professionally, (in her work as a medical

practitioner) and personally, that human brain is malleable. "It is

never more so than in our first five years of life." She believes it is

important to form connections that allow our little ones to view

their sibling relationships positively. For all concerned it can save a

lot of trouble. "My Story" aids in this process.

 It makes a lovely reminder for Mum of a time that was truly

special and as a Grandmother wrote in her testimonial,  "I can see it

 resurrected at twenty-first birthday celebrations!"

Julia has also written the coming soon title...

"Mum can I have Chocolate Cake for Breakfast?"

- it promotes low G.I. eating in verse!