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Quotes I love this little book - it's not always easy to find the words to 'explain to a toddler how a new baby will impact on the time and attention they are used to or that sometimes they may feel 'unloved' because of the enormous changes to their everyday world. 'My Story' encourages conversation about a new baby in the family with gentleness, empathy and love. It's a lovely way to help little ones express feelings - even if their expressive language is limited - and to reassure them that although things will be different, they are still very, very special to Mummy and Daddy. Quotes
Pinky McKay
Best Selling Author (IBCLC)

Quotes "MY STORY" is a fabulous book to help ease any sibling rivalry. Quotes
Sharyn Ghidella
channel 7 news reader

Quotes My daughter was given 'My Story' as a gift when I was pregnant with my second child. It was not until we saw the effect that it had on our daughter that we truly appreciated what an amazing gift it was. To our family, this book was more than an entertaining children's book. It actually laid the foundations for a beautiful relationship between my children. I found that reading 'My Story' with my daughter while pregnant changed the way in which she viewed this event. It reinforced her importance within our family while simultaneously preparing her for the changes that would take place. When our baby was born, the insecurity and jealousy that I feared may surface never did. I attribute this largely to 'My Story'. I cannot thank the author enough for this insightful work! Quotes
Grateful Mum

Quotes I received your book- it is wonderful! If only I had had such a book to read 4 years ago....its almost like a prevention program for sibling rivalry. I will recommend to any second time mums who come to my course! Quotes
Dr Melanie Strang
Support worker with Post and Antenatal Depression Association

Quotes "This book was fantastic!! Simple, short, to the point and easy for children to comprehend. A beautifully written way of helping your child through the process of a new addition to the family. A brilliant photographic journey for children to visualise as well as hear the journey of joining the family and expecting and accepting the new baby. The use of the images was brilliant! My son didn't realise that it was him as a child even though we have many photo's around the house he never seems to realise he was also inside mummies tummy we have spoken about it but I don't think it ever really sunk in until this book joined our collection. We've read it several times especially when I get asked things like "Can new baby play with this toy?" or "Soon I wll have to share this with baby, right mum?". He is slowly understanding that a new baby can't do much thanks to this book." Quotes
New South Wales

Quotes "As a mother expecting another baby I absolutely loved this book. It helped my other children see that they too started as a tiny baby inside my tummy and helped them see the process involved in a new babies life like picking a name and showing them how much Mummy and Daddy loved them. My children ask to read this story since we added the images to it and 1st read it. It's now a favourite! It helped them see that we were expecting another baby and it would make our family grow. The use of adding images to the book was great fun (even for mummy to add them into) and the children loved seeing themselves throughout the book. They are starting to understand that there will be changes and that a baby need lots of attention from Mummy and that he/she will not be able to play with their toys straight away etc so its been great to go through the process with them through a story" Quotes
Western Australia

Quotes 'MY STORY' is a delightful book, and a 'must have' for all expectant families. Its simple style and interactive content engages the reader and takes him/her on that magical journey of new life. Say goodbye to sibling rivalry and jealous tantrums. Your first born will become an integral and proactive participant in welcoming the new baby into the family. Quotes
Anna Boucaut
School teacher/ Children's author

Quotes What a brilliant book... a wonderful way to help your first child to share your excitement for the birth of your second or subsequent children. A book to be shared and loved now , and cherished in the future Quotes
Lizzi Lake
mother of 5

Quotes The workings of a child's mind are not easily fathomed. I feel the author has done just that as she cleverly prepares the child for the "coming event". This beautifully presented book would equally suit a "boy" or a "girl". I think it will make a wonderful memoir for a mother . I can see it being resurrected at 21st birthdays! Quotes
mum.grandma,great grandma and specialist infants teacher

Quotes My Story is a lovely book designed to make the first child feel cherished and special during a time of great change, the birth of a sibling. This can be a challenging time for most children, and My Story will help make this transition easier for first borns and their parents. A beautiful story! Quotes
Dr Elizabeth Martin